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Pastor Carl Headshots-1.jpg

Carl Metzger - Pastor

In 2023 Carl Metzger with his wife Marsha Metzger joined Friendship Bible Church. Carl and Marsha were married at Friendship Bible Church and have been involved with Lake Swan Camp for many years. They have two adult children. 


Randy Ward Sr. - Elder

Randy serves as an elder and leads the prison ministry and is also part of the worship team. 

David Stanley.jpg

David Stanley - Elder

David serves as an elder and currently leads the Adult Sunday School. 


Arthur Smith Jr. - Elder and Children Education Director

Arthur serves as an elder and is the Director of Christian Education

Tom Hunter.jpg

Tom Hunter - Elder

Tom serves as an Elder. 

Evan Stanley.jpg

Evan Stanley - Elder

Evan serves as an Elder and also leads a small group "Awake"


Barbara Kooy - Secretary

Barbara serves as the Secretary and also teaches Children's Sunday School.  


Timothy Stanley - Music Director

Timothy has been a member of Friendship since 1990 and serves as the Music Director. 


Randy Jr. - Young Adults Group Leader

Randy Jr. serves as the Young Adults Group Leader. 

Leadership: Team Members
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